Címke: organic and conventional cultivation

Comparison of organic and conventional cultivation: risk of mycotoxin production

The study is connected to the research of László Kametler (PhD scholar of ÖMKi) about comparative test of mycotoxin production. Laymen and researchers often call the attention to a special risk of organic products (especially cereals): the toxins produced by fungi. Beyond the mycotoxin research conducted in the studies above, within the frame of this on-farm study we investigate mycotoxin contamination of the same cereal species produced in organic and conventional farms close to each other in the same region (neighbouring parcels if possible).

For the time being, there are three participant farms (two at the Great Plain, one at Transdanubia) but we are looking for application of other farmers! It would be especially desirable to initiate neighbouring conventional farms in the comparative study.

In order to estimate the problem of mycotoxins objectively, it is important to thoroughly study it by repetitions over several years.