Címke: Microbiologicai treatments

Microbiologicai treatments in organic maize production

Objectives of the research

Although production area of organic maize (included sweet corn, pop corn and maize sown for silage) is under 5000 hectares, this is the second most important crop to Hungarian organic farming after winter wheat.

Reduced livestock numbers also limits the amount of manure available for soil fertilization. There are several methods available as temporary substitutes; one is the microbiological conditioning of soil that is able to increase soil fertility. We tested microbiological soil treatments to investigate changes, possible yield increase in organic maize production.


Material and method

Effectiveness of soil conditioners on organic maize yield was tested using manufacturers recommended dose of treatments as well as technology: farmers sprayed the product directly on the soil then cultivated it in immediately. Spraying was accomplished with agriculture sprayer in all cases.

Crop estimations were done before harvest. During estimation, homogeneous sections were chosen from all surveyed plots with same length, yields of which were measured as the base of comparison. Read More