Címke: Evaluation of nutrition value

Microbiological instead of chemical treatment of sowing seed

In conventional farming, certain protection is provided for germinating seeds by synthetic pesticide coatings. These agents are prohibited in organic farming but similar early protection would be useful: this can be provided using allowed microbiological methods. Fungus contamination of germinating seeds and growing plants present huge risks for both the plant and, by possible toxin production, human consumer. We test a product containing antagonist fungus species Trichoderma spp. (and other micro-organisms) as an organic preparation for pre-plant seed treating. The goal is safer production and development of an economical seed treatment method suitable for all organic farmers.

Treated cereal species

  • We use Trichoderma fungi to treat sowing seed on winter cereals important in organic agriculture: winter wheat and spelt.

We plan the following research:

  • Study of sprouting density
  • Plant pathological survey
  • Evaluation of nutrition value: protein, gluten, falling number
  • Research of mycotoxins
  • Analysis of yields